Courtyards & Fences

Allan Block AB Courtyard

The AB Courtyard Collection® by Allan Block is an easy-to-install, two-sided, free-standing patio wall system designed with three components plus caps. Similar to interlocking childhood toys, these blocks are designed for quick installation and customization to make creating an elegant outdoor living space a weekend project.

Allan Block AB FenceĀ®

AB Fence® by Allan Block is a mortarless concrete fence system that uses maintenance free, interlocking block to create an attractive and effective solution for sound abatement, security, privacy, and more. With the system's multiple sizes, AB Fence is designed to create clean, crisp architectural walls which install quickly and easily.

Anchor Highland StoneĀ® Freestanding Wall

The Anchor Highland Stone® 6” Freestanding Wall is crafted with earthen colors and a rough-hewn texture. The stones are available in three different lengths, giving the wall appearance a more natural look.