LPB Flare

The LPB Flare is a precast light pole base with chamfered lines and 8″ cap around the top. This combination of aesthetics and performance provides not only a unique appearance, but an effective product for your needs! Available by special order. Contact us for details.

All LPB are produced in a controlled environment to ensure quality and consistency.  Additionally, LPB have resources available to make everything from specifiying to installing fast, easy, and efficient. 

  • Independent testing of the LPB Anchoring System has been completed along with third party review
  • Comprehensive Engineering Reference Manual available that outlines the concrete light pole base design process
  • Design tables available for quick reference
  • All the tools necessary for industry engineers to quickly verify project-specific concrete light pole base designs

**Product production varies by plant. Please contact your salesperson for product availability in your location**