Residential and Commercial Retaining Walls

Amcon Concrete Products offers a wide selection of heavy-duty retaining wall options for larger commercial applications from LedgeRock big block walls to 8″ tall segmental retaining wall units, all available in multiple face options.

Allan Block AB Aztec

The AB Aztec Collection™ by Allan Block is a new collection that offers a smooth, molded face look and style inspired by old Incan walls to emulate a centuries old feel. AB Aztec is the same dependable system just offering a new look that can be integrated in with the AB and AB Europa Collections.

Allan Block AB® Collection

The AB® Collection by Allan Block is a classic-cut rockface segmental retaining wall designed for strength and priced to be competitive. With a variety of setbacks and color options, this collection meets the needs of contractors, specifiers, developers, and homeowners alike on virtually any size project.

Allan Block AB Europa®

The AB Europa® Collection by Allan Block provides look and feel of weathered stone in a segmental retaining walls system. If your design calls for an elegant and ageless look, AB Europa is the right choice. These retaining wall blocks can be used individually or blended together in an AB Abbey Blend patterned wall.

Allan Block AB Fieldstone

The AB Fieldstone Collection® by Allan Block utilizes a two-piece system including interchangeable facing and anchoring units. Additionally, it offers the flexibility of short anchoring units (SAU) or long anchoring units (LAU).

Keystone Compac® III

Keystone Compac® III retaining wall units are favored by architects, engineers, and contractors worldwide due to the proven strength of the pin connection system. Available in straight face or curved face options. **Product production varies by plant. Please contact your salesperson for product availability in your location**   Name Approx.Dimensions(H″xD″xL″) Weight(Lb.) PalletQty. Pallet Wt.(Lb.) Approx.Coverage(Sq. […]

Keystone Standard®

Keystone Standard® retaining wall units are the product that started the segmental retaining wall industry and is unmatched in its ability to create tall walls and critical structures. Available in curved face or straight face options and created for each individual project.


LedgeRock® Commercial Retaining Wall units are heavy-duty, versatile, cost-effective big blocks designed for the landscape or commercial contractor. The unique faces can be stained with solid or blended colors after installation, which allows the installer to create fluid, aesthetic color to complement any application.