Outdoor Living

Amcon Concrete Products offers a wide range of products for outdoor living. From partition walls to precast accessories, Amcon has solutions for your residential or business needs.

Allan Block AB Courtyard

The AB Courtyard Collection® by Allan Block is an easy-to-install, two-sided, free-standing patio wall system designed with three components plus caps.

Anchor Highland Stone® Freestanding Wall

The Anchor Highland Stone® 6” Freestanding Wall is crafted with earthen colors and a rough-hewn texture. The stones are available in three different lengths, giving the wall appearance a more natural look.

Bird Baths

Bird Baths Amcon's Exposed Aggregate Bird Baths are 30" tall x 26" diameter and available in deep or shallow dish options.

Bullet Edgers

Amcon® Bullet Edgers are a simple, easy way to add a touch of classic elegance to your landscape.  Create a defined border between your grass and mulch or rock around tree rings, gardens, flower beds, and more. Available in Charcoal, Crimson, Dark Brown, Gray, Mocha, and Tan. 160 units per pallet (5 layers of 32 […]

Curved Bench

Curved Bench Amcon's Curved Benches are 37" wide x 15" deep and available in both smooth concrete or exposed aggregate finishes. Can be purchased separately or in a set of three benches and one patio table.

Exposed Aggregate Pots

Exposed Aggregate Pots Amcon's Exposed Aggregate Pots fit with any setting and are great for flowers or other decorative containment uses.

Fire Rings

Fire Rings Amcon's Fire Rings are a simple and attractive way to control fires in picnic areas and campsites. Available in smooth concrete or exposed aggregate finishes, these fire rings are 8" high x 36" inside diameter and 4" thick.

Park Bench

Park Bench Amcon's Park Bench is an aesthetic combination of exposed aggregate bases with lumber planks. Available in 4' or 6' wide lengths, this bench is available as a complete unit with lumber and hardware, or with just the bases so you can add your own lumber.

Patio Table

Patio Table Amcon's Patio Table is a 40" diameter table available in both smooth concrete or exposed aggregate finishes and features a center hole for a standard umbrella, if desired. Can be purchased separately or as a set with three curved benches.

Picnic Table

Picnic Table Amcon's Picnic Table is a 7' long x 3' wide table available in both smooth concrete or exposed aggregate finishes. Great for areas where unwanted movement may be an issue with traditional lightweight picnic tables, such as parks and lake areas.

Straight Bench

Straight Bench Amcon's Straight Benches are 41" wide x 15" deep and available in both smooth concrete or exposed aggregate finishes.

Waste Containers & Snuffer

Amcon's Waste Containers and Snuffer options are an attractive, durable choice for containing undesirable waste product and cigarette butts. The heavy-duty, exposed aggregate containers will stand up to abuse and resist vandalization. Waste Containers are 30" high x 25" diameter and available with two cover options. The Snuffer is 20" high x 14" diameter and comes complete with a tray insert.