Landscape Systems


Ledgerock® Commercial Retaining Wall units are heavy-duty, versatile, cost-effective big blocks designed for the landscape or commercial contractor. The unique faces can be stained with solid or blended colors after installation, which allows the installer to create fluid, aesthetic color to complement any application. Additionally, these units are designed to create walls up to 10' without grid reinforcement and much higher with the aid of reinforcement.

Segmental Retaining Walls

Segmental Retaining Walls (SRWs) have been an industry standard since the 1980's and are used to retain earth in projects ranging from large commercial walls to small residential walls. SRWs are designed to allow water to drain through the wall rather than become a force behind the wall, which can lead to wall failure. Amcon's variety of SRWs gives you a multitude of size and aesthetic options to match any landscape or commercial building.

Courtyards & Fences

Freestanding, parapet walls have been around for ages. Amcon offers unique, interlocking block units to make building small courtyard walls or tall, privacy fence walls easy to build. These products are low-maintenance, highly-durable alternatives to wood fences or poured walls. They offer an additional aesthetic appeal which blows away the competition.

Outdoor Living

Outdoor living has grown in popularity over the past decade, and Amcon has the products to build or add-on to your outdoor living space from large to small. Create grill surrounds, outdoor kitchens, patio enclosures, and more with Amcon's segmental freestanding wall options. Or purchase ready-to-use precast products to accent or grow your outdoor sanctuary.