Astra-Glaze-SW+® glazed units offer the look of tile with the structural integrity and durability of concrete masonry units (CMUs). Astra-Glaze units provide a unique solution to moisture, mold, and long-term durability issues while providing easy maintenance and sharp aesthetics.

Bird Baths

Bird Baths Amcon's Exposed Aggregate Bird Baths are 30" tall x 26" diameter and available in deep or shallow dish options.

Curved Bench

Curved Bench Amcon's Curved Benches are 37" wide x 15" deep and available in both smooth concrete or exposed aggregate finishes. Can be purchased separately or in a set of three benches and one patio table.


Amcon’s EnviroTrol™ curing system incorporates numerous cycles of high temperature, steam and carbon dioxide (CO2) to aggressively accelerate the hydration process. The incorporation of CO2 into the curing process assists in the carbonation of the units. Carbonation can also cause the units to shrink. Fully carbonating CMU’s in a controlled setting before they are placed […]

Exposed Aggregate Pots

Exposed Aggregate Pots Amcon's Exposed Aggregate Pots fit with any setting and are great for flowers or other decorative containment uses.

Fire Rings

Fire Rings Amcon's Fire Rings are a simple and attractive way to control fires in picnic areas and campsites. Available in smooth concrete or exposed aggregate finishes, these fire rings are 8" high x 36" inside diameter and 4" thick.

Gray Block

For years, concrete block has been the anchor material chosen by professional contractors and knowledgeable homeowners. Whether for a new stadium or a basement foundation, concrete block is chosen for its strength, economy, and design flexibility.

Park Bench

Park Bench Amcon's Park Bench is an aesthetic combination of exposed aggregate bases with lumber planks. Available in 4' or 6' wide lengths, this bench is available as a complete unit with lumber and hardware, or with just the bases so you can add your own lumber.

Parking Curbs

Parking Curbs Parking Curbs by Amcon are available in 6', 7', and 8' lengths and come with two anchoring pins to lock the curb in place.

Patio Table

Patio Table Amcon's Patio Table is a 40" diameter table available in both smooth concrete or exposed aggregate finishes and features a center hole for a standard umbrella, if desired. Can be purchased separately or as a set with three curved benches.


The PaveDrain® system combines modern-day functionality with a structural concrete concept to create the revolutionary permeable paving soltion. The system incorporates a patented arch design in trhe middle of a concrete block to create an internal storage chamber that can be used as a reservoir for stormwater runoff, while providing strength for heavy vehicular loads.

Picnic Table

Picnic Table Amcon's Picnic Table is a 7' long x 3' wide table available in both smooth concrete or exposed aggregate finishes. Great for areas where unwanted movement may be an issue with traditional lightweight picnic tables, such as parks and lake areas.


Soundblox® and Soundcell Architectural Concrete Masonry Units (ACMUs) are structural/absorptive/barriers. They positively improve sound quality of interior rooms and outdoor environments and provide structure for walls and buildings with inherent performance advantages. Their three-fold performance of structure/absorption/barrier is provided within a single component acoustical wall system.

Spectra Glaze

Spectra Glaze concrete masonry block is an innovative, cost-saving, high performance pre-finished concrete block that has been used to construct all types of structures worldwide. Spectra Glaze offers a wide variety of colors, and is resistant to soiling, chemicals, marking, impact, abrasion and much more. It is fire-safe and meets USDA and OSHA requirements for […]

Straight Bench

Straight Bench Amcon's Straight Benches are 41" wide x 15" deep and available in both smooth concrete or exposed aggregate finishes.

Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable Solutions by Amcon are unique mix designs utilizing pre-consumer waste material to make up 30-70% recycled content while maintaining or exceeding the requirements of ASTM C90. Sustainable Solutions are available in most Amcon block options including CMU’s and SRW’s.

Waste Containers & Snuffer

Amcon's Waste Containers and Snuffer options are an attractive, durable choice for containing undesirable waste product and cigarette butts. The heavy-duty, exposed aggregate containers will stand up to abuse and resist vandalization. Waste Containers are 30" high x 25" diameter and available with two cover options. The Snuffer is 20" high x 14" diameter and comes complete with a tray insert.