Anchor® Retaining Wall System


Anchor Windsor Stone®

The traditional face style of the Windsor Stone® retaining wall system gives any garden wall a timeless appearance. Lightweight and easy to handle, the Windsor Stone block is the perfect choice for projects up to 2 feet high, including the buried course, but excluding the cap.* A matching cap completes the system.

Anchor Highland Stone® Freestanding Wall

The Anchor Highland Stone® 6” Freestanding Wall is crafted with earthen colors and a rough-hewn texture. The stones are available in three different lengths, giving the wall appearance a more natural look.

Anchor Highland Stone® Retaining Wall

Crafted with a rich, textured appearance, this multi-piece system perfectly complements any home or landscape. Combining multiple product sizes, the Highland Stone® retaining wall system evokes the random look of hand-stacked walls.

Anchor Diamond®

The Diamond® retaining wall system is the contractor’s choice for wall construction. Straight- or beveled-face shapes offer design freedom. Optional step and cap accessories provide even more design versatility. For an attractive retaining wall with enduring performance, the Diamond product is the perfect ...SEE MORE

Anchor Sterling™ Wall System

The Sterling™ wall system is a versatile solution for every landscape. Installation is simple with an easy to locate pin system and a battered retaining wall. This unique block can also be split to make a two-sided unit for a freestanding wall system and column units. The straight split texture provides an aesthetically ...SEE MORE