AmStone Burnished Architectural Series offers a smooth face concrete masonry unit (CMU) by grinding down the surface to expose the natural beautify of the aggregate in the block. Available in structural or veneer options.


NEW! AmStone Polished Architectural Series utilizes state-of-the-art technology to create a high-shine, polished finish on concrete masonry units (CMU) and precast products. This series is an alternative to tile veneer products providing a high-shine, light-reflective surface with the economy and strength of a CMU. **Product production varies by plant. Please contact your salesperson for product […]

Mammoth Stone®

AmStone Mammoth Stone® Architectural Series is an innovative product line designed to simulate the look of natural stone using multiple sizes shapes installed in an ashlar pattern. This veneer-depth family of shapes is available in either a rockface or burnished finish in any of the Amcon colors to create a signature look on your next […]

Rock Face

The full-face split of Rockface Architectural Series gives an upscale look to concrete masonry units (CMU) which gives an upscale look to CMUs which enhances the aesthetic appeal of any project without breaking the bank. Available in structural or veneer options.

Stone Mason

AmStone Stone Mason™ Architectural Series provides the timeless look of natural weathered or "hewn" stone in a CMU. Ideal for "brick-or-better" specifications, Stone Mason is available in structural or veneer unit options.


AmStone Travertina™ Architectural Series features a unique, multi-dimensional burnished, recessed face texture similar to travertine stone, but with the economy of a CMU. Travertina is also available on Segmental Retaining Wall Units by special order. Contact your salesperson for more information. **Product production varies by plant. Please contact your salesperson for product availability in your […]

Ultra Fine Finish

AmStone Ultra-Fine Finish CMUs incorporate a unique mix design different from most CMU mix designs. The mix contains finer aggregate and more cement. This, along with premium-graded sands, creates a smoother, more satin-like texture on smooth-face  architectural CMUs.   Can be specified to create a superior paintable surface on plain CMU Available in any of the […]


*NEW* Our new BrushHammered Architectural Series presents a design reminiscent of washed river rocks, providing a visually pleasing and “Soft to Hand Feel” texture that enhances the aggregates. Ideally used for interior accents.


*NEW* Our new BushHammered Architectural Series features a compact pockmarked texture, creating a rugged, weathered appearance that retains the color and aggregate. Ideally used for exterior applications.