Allan Block AB Aztec

The AB Aztec Collection by Allan Block is a new collection that offers a smooth, molded face look and style inspired by old Incan walls to emulate a centuries old feel. AB Aztec is the same dependable system just offering a new look that can be integrated in with the AB and AB Europa Collections. 

Pallet Qty.Pallet Wt.
Approx. Coverage
(Sq. Ft.)
AB Aztec Classic8″x12″x18″7516
AB Aztec Junior8″x9.5″x9″35.56
AB Aztec Lite4″x12″x18″35.56
AB Aztec Junior Lite4″x12″x9″18.256
AB Aztec Cap4″x12″x18″55
AB Aztec Corner8″x8″x16″55
**Product production varies by plant. Please contact your salesperson for product availability in your location**