Allan Block AB Courtyard

The AB Courtyard Collection® by Allan Block is an easy-to-install, two-sided, free-standing patio wall system designed with three components plus caps. Similar to interlocking childhood toys, these blocks are designed for quick installation and customization to make creating an elegant outdoor living space a weekend project. The Collection offers two different looks:  Courtyard and Old Country Courtyard.

Courtyard units provide a classic, modern look with sharp angles. Old Country Courtyard takes the classic look of the Courtyard Collection and add a tumbled, antiqued element to the block giving the blocks an “Old World” look & feel.

Weight (Lb.)Pallet Qty.Pallet Wt. (Lb.)Approx.
(Sq. Ft.)
AB Dublin6x7x16½42482056
AB York6x7x8¼21962027
AB Courtyard Corner6x7x15½43602596
AB Courtyard Wall Cap3½x10x8¼23801872
AB Courtyard Post Cap3x12x2478241902
**Product production varies by plant. Please contact your salesperson for product availability in your location**