Electrical Precast

Save time and eliminate errors with Amcon precast electrical components vs. pouring components on site.
• Variety of options
• Customizations available!

LPB Classic

The LPB Classic is a precast light pole base finish with a 1" chamfer around the top and a smooth finish on the sides. All LPB are produced in a controlled environment to ensure quality and consistency. Additionally, LPB have resources available to make everything from specifiying to installing fast, easy, and efficient.

LPB Flare

The LPB Flare is a precast light pole base with chamfered lines and 8" cap around the top. This combination of aesthetics and performance provides not only a unique appearance, but an effective product for your needs!

LPB Legacy

The LPB Legacy is a precast light pole base with a slight taper and round over. This simple, smooth finished precast product is strong and effective!